LP Recording, Shows, and LFM!

We’ve been hard at work at the PREP Sound studio, SPIN Studios, and at my home studio cranking out the recording of drums, bass, and rhythm guitar for the first 5 of 14 songs for my upcoming LP! I’m excited to get the next batch of songs recorded on acoustic guitar so I’ll have something solid to give to my good friend Erin Snedecor, whose string quartet Rogue Collective will be recording on six of my songs in July! Four of them have never been released, and the others are “Anchor” and “Pressure,” the latter I’ve been playing live with Will Shish and the Sound Waves for about a year.


I’ve also got lots of shows coming up this summer, most of which are listed on this site or on the following upcoming show flyer. I’ll also be doing a show or two in the D.C. area with Erin Snedecor on cello, and a show with Llama Tsunami in CT, the ska band I was in for five years through the end of high school and college!

summer shows 16

The other big music project I’ve been working on this summer is re-orchestrating the musical I wrote the music and lyrics for in college, The Lesbian Fairytale Musical. Both myself and my good friend Calvin Kasulke, the book writer, are updating the show to be in it’s best form so we can promote it to colleges, high schools, and LGBTQ youth groups around the country (thanks to massive amounts of help of Planned Parenthood). We’ll also be recording a 5 song demo, so fans of the show, be on the look out later this year!

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