Musical Theatre

The Regulars: A Folk Musical

Music, Lyrics, & Book by Will Shishmanian
Developed with & Directed by Miss Hazel Jade

With a passionate score and a familiar story, The Regulars is a captivating original musical about identity and self-love — reminding us that despite our differences, we are all deserving of acceptance for who we are.

Mark Howard moves away from his West Virginia home to a rural, upstate town in search of a new type of family. When he picks up a stockroom position at the town’s local orchard, he’s met with toxic masculinity and comes to terms with his newfound male privilege. And during his first day, he befriends Dani Thompson, a Black queer woman who’s opening her own gay bar. Over time, these two very regular people form and find chosen family in one another and their community.

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Addy & Dahlia: A Fairytale Musical

Music & Lyrics by Will Shishmanian
Book by Calvin Kasulke

Princess Addison (Addy) is sent as a peace offering from her home country of Adlburrow to the military powerhouse and “traditional moral beacon” nation of Provincia. There she’s greeted by the self-hating, closeted yet charming King Victor, who introduces lesbian Addy to her betrothed, the oafish yet lovable Prince Dimitri. But Addy takes far more notice of Dimitri’s sister—fiercely rebellious Princess Dahlia, who stands opposed to the moral standards her father Victor imposes on his citizens and also closeted daughter, but is powerless to fight against him. Addy immediately falls for Dahlia, but knows if the king catches her acting any less “traditional” than a medieval June Cleaver, he’ll retract the peace between Adlburrow and Provincia, and her nation will suffer a crushing military defeat.

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REIGN: A Rock Opera

Music by Anessa Marie & Will Shishmanian
Developed with Miss Hazel Jade

A reimagined retelling of Christopher Marlowe’s “Edward II”