“My Mistakes” Official Music Video, shot and edited by Primme Creative, September 2022

“Ride it On Home” Live at La Sala in Astoria, Queens, January 2020

“Steps” Official Music Video, shot and edited by Laura Kyzrston, June 2017

“Tell Me It’s Alright” Official Music Video, edited by Laura Kyzrston, March 2017

Videos of Cabarets

“Stars and The Moon” by Jason Robert Brown, Performed by Maybe Burke @ 54 Below on 11/23/21

“I’m (Also) Not That Girl” Parody from Wicked, Performed by JJ Maley @ Green Room 42 on 3/14/22

“For Good” from Wicked, Performed by Sis and Kiaya Scott @ 54 Below on 12/7/21

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