“Reimagine: I” EP Out 9/30

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“Reimagine: I” is an EP from Will Shish featuring three re-recorded songs from his 2010 album “The Right Words for the Wrong People”, which was the last album he put out before he began his transition. As a transgender man on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), transitioning meant both his name and voice would change, so he chose to never share the album on streaming platforms. 

For the anniversary of his 10th year on testosterone, Shish decided to re-record his most requested songs from this album, bringing them to streaming platforms for the first time. It’s a project to honor a personal milestone, a gift to his longtime friends and fans who have been listening since the 2010s, and hopefully a tool for trans individuals who may be considering HRT to hear as an example, since all the original recordings can still be heard at https://willshish.bandcamp.com/album/the-right-words-for-the-wrong-people 

The single off the EP, “My Mistakes” is a song about how relationships can strain and break when someone prioritizes their own dreams, and persevering to find happiness, no matter the cost. 

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