Big Things in February!

On top of the birth of this website, February has a few other exciting musical things in store. The music video for the song Hawaiian Pizza from my new album, “To the Corner and Back” will be released on Valentine’s Day weekend! This is the first music video I’ve made since “Quest for the Chest,” so I’m excited to have something new to show everyone! Take a look at this quick teaser from the video’s producer and cinematographer, Jesse Edwards.

Also, I’m excited to be playing a show with a mix of musicians who I work with in Queens, and who I graduated with from Ithaca College with in Astoria at the Shillelagh Tavern on February 26th!


The band I’m playing with for this show is made up of three talented musicians I met through working at Guitar Center: James Travers on the drums, who will be recording for my LP next month, Joey Bonilla returning with the grooves on the bass, and introducing Casey Elescano on guitar! These guys have been bringing a lot of great things to the songs we’ve been rehearsing, and we’ll be playing a brand new one from the upcoming album, so if you’re in the area, come hear it’s live debut!

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