“Addy & Dahlia: A Fairytale Musical”

Music and lyrics by Will Shishmanian, Book by Calvin Kasulke

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Princess Addison (Addy) is sent as a peace offering from her home country of Addleburrow to the military powerhouse and “traditional moral beacon” nation of Provincia. There she’s greeted by the self-hating, closeted yet charming King Victor, who introduces Addy to her betrothed, the oafish yet lovable Prince Dimitri. But Addy takes far more notice of Dimitri’s sister—fiercely rebellious Princess Dahlia, who stands opposed to the moral standards her father Victor imposes on his citizens and also closeted daughter, but is powerless to fight against him. Addy immediately falls for Dahlia, but knows if the king catches her acting any less “traditional” than a medieval June Cleaver, he’ll retract the peace between Addleburrow and Provincia, and her nation will suffer a crushing military defeat.
Through the help of her bodyguards Eric and Ella, her new friendship with the ever-loyal Dimitri, and fairy godfather Gary (who is both a fairy and a “fairy,” a gay man, but come on, he’s heard that joke hundreds of times before) Addy and Dahlia’s love overcomes Victor’s bigotry, Dahlia’s hesitance to come out to herself and others, Provincia’s standards of normalcy, and a poorly-catered wedding party.
Addy & Dahlia: A Fairytale Musical originally premiered at Ithaca College in April 2012 as a student run production with over 30 volunteer Ithaca College students as cast and crew. It had it’s second showing in Ithaca in December of the same year at the Community School of Music and Arts. The show, originally titled “Lesbian Fairytale Musical” has been revised and is being funded by Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes to be published and promoted to schools and independent theaters around the country.
Press from Ithaca College 2012 Production

Score for “A Life Imagined” short film

A Life Imagined from Andi Obarski on Vimeo.
Film by Andi Obarski
Score by William Shishmanian


CONCERT WORKS – Please contact for scores


  • In Transit – string quartet, 4:40
  • Lost to the City – piano solo, 3:31
  • Tank – cello solo, 3:36
  • Cascadilla – band (middle school level), 3:23


  • Girl Awakened – Chamber Vocal (Alto, Acoustic Guitar, Cello, Violin)
  • Despierta –Chamber Vocal (Baritone, Acoustic Guitar, Cello)
  • Morning Memories – Women’s Choir (SSAA)


  • I’ll Be Seeing You – Jazz Band
  • Poor Butterfly – Jazz Band
  • Embraceable You – Jazz Combo

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