New Patreon, Plus Single Out 11/30!

Hey folks,

Lots of exciting new things happening this November! After considering it for a quite a while, I’ve finally decided to launch a Patreon, which allows folks to support my music at different tiers in exchange for various perks and exclusive content. The $3/month tier will be the new home of my blog posts, which I’ll be posting once a month (rather than the “big updates only” model I’ve been using here on my website. Head to to check out all 6 tiers if you’re interested!

On the singer/songwriter music side, I’ve got a new single coming out on 11/30/2021 (which is also my 30th birthday!) called “Limit’s the Sky” (album art featured with this post). This is my first single since releasing “Moonlight” in 2020. I had started writing this song back in 2019, but took a long break from it to focus on finishing my musical “The Regulars.” Now that the musical is (pretty much) done, and I’ve made the jump to be a full time freelance musician, I have more time to spend on more facets of the music world. If you’re not already doing so, follow my artist profile on Spotify so that the single comes up on your Radar Release automatically!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season, as we creep closer to the end of 2021. Thanks for singing along with me!

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